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A powerful ritual magic spell to bring success into your life. Whether to prepare and guide you through a time or situation where you are about to embark upon new prospects, improve your success and progression with a current situation, to ask for help to invoke a successful outcome, or even to boost your own qualities and confidence, providing a platform to invoke positive projection for your future.

This is a REAL ACTIVATED quality ritual spell casting kit and has everything you need to cast a powerful spell, Written, blessed and prepared by TQOS

The beautifully wax sealed spell is charged with positive intent to enhance the experience and outcome of your spell casting ritual and the powerful intentions you are manifesting.


The set includes

☆ Wax Sealed Spell Casting Instructions - EASY

☆ Specially Chosen Elemental Spice Jar

☆ Intention Set Infused Tea Light Candle

☆ Beautiful Feather Cluster

☆ Hand Made Intention Sigil

☆ Specially Chosen Gemstone/Tumblestone (size appropriately 10mm - 30mm)

Successful Bitch - DIY SPELL JAR